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the economy has been adding about an average of zero hundred and 73 jobs per month. president obama facing voters with the highest and of an array of any incumbent since fdr. the rate picked up because more people without jobs got back into the workforce and started looking for work. now they are counted as unemployed again. with a solid gains and the number of american hired dow futures are climbing out of 26 points at the opening bell. >> the ipad mini those on set a atm at the app stores. all pre orders have been sold out for some time. if you go to order today it will still take about two- three weeks to ship. if you want on today you have to go to an ipad store can stand in line. will tran is live in palo alto. >> you will have to stand in line with is not as crazy as the iphone release. people and line will show that to you in a few moments. you can see the mini ipad is so close. it is like a steak and people are hungry and salivating and will not be able to get their hands on it for a couple of hours. they can say they earn it because the line you can see we have about 40-25 and lin
the u.s. economy including a jump in consumer confidence. the conference board said america's confidence in the economy surged last month to the highest levels in nearly five years. many were in check by an improving job market that was down. -the dow was up more than 136 points the nasdaq in the s&p 500 was also up. also, the highly anticipated october jobs report is expected today. and it could have an impact on the presidential election economists say they expect the report to solidify a picture of companies hiring steadily but cautiously. economics forecast that employers added 121,000 jobs in october of fact cent. that would be up slightly from september. but below the year's average monthly gain of 146,000. analysts are watching the an employer rate as it rose from the 7.8% 7.9% in the month of september. also, good news for starbucks the company says that its sales are perking up after a sluggish last quarter. they have seen a 6% increase in sales and also starting to open up stores in china. their single brew could boost sales for the holidays as well. the recent >> welcome back
of novato into the city. >> off taking erica. now for the impact of sandy on economy in transportation. the election will take care of itself next week, right now our no one priority is to make sure that we are saving lives. our search and rescue teams will be in place to get people food and shelter they need in case of war to sea. >> in the eastern coast of our nation departed during difficult times. our hearts and our prayers go to them. as we think about of the heavy yesterday looks like we have more of it today and on highway 92. th >> that was of microsoft ceo yesterday at the bill graham's civic auditorium in san francisco. microsoft held a press a bid to and bill is news large phone running on the new windows 8 platform. the new windows on its eight device should be on the market by thanksgiving. you'll be able to get them. pandora meanwhile, is adding more to its mobile apps. the changes showing lyrics and artist information. also making it easy to share self crafted stations with france.iends. >> will is ready to unveil a fleet of new devices for the smart phone and tell the m
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3